Wreck It Ralph Game

The award winning computer animated film from Disney is now available as a game for iOS and Android users. Wreck It Ralph game brings you 5 mini games that are based on the movie of the same title. If you watched the film, it is even more exciting to play the app as it will let you play the role of your favorite characters, as well as visit familiar locations. But even if you did not watch the film, you would still enjoy playing the games on the app. You can download this for $0.99 on any compatible devices.

Get to Know Wreck It Ralph

Ralph or more popularly known as Wreck It Ralph is the main protagonist of the movie, as well as the app. He stands 9 feet and weighs 643 pounds. His big arms make it easy to smash walls and bricks. He usually wears a red buttoned shirt under a maroon overall, which is only strapped on one shoulder as the other strap is broken.

Wreck It Ralph Game

Ralph is the antagonist of the game, Fix-it Felix Jr. However, Ralph got tired of always being the bad guy. He wanted to be the good guy for a change. He went from one game to another for his quest to become a protagonist. This includes the games that are available on the app which are Fix-it Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty, Sweet Climber, Turbo Time and Flight Command.

Wreck It Ralph Mini Games

Fix-it Felix Jr. is available as a stand-along application that you can play on your device. However, if you wish to play other fun mini games that are based on the Wreck It Ralph movie, it’s best to download the Wreck It Ralph application. This will give you hours of fun and challenging games. Though most of these games are repetitive, you will not get easily bored because of the various game options available.

Fix-it Felix Jr.

In this game, you will play the role of Felix Jr. fixing the glasses that Ralph broke. There are several levels that get harder as the game progresses. You are given 60 seconds to play each level. Fix as many broken glasses as you can while avoiding the bricks that are being thrown by Ralph. You will lose one of your three lives when you get hit by a brick. The game ends once you lose all your lives. Use the blue button on the lower right corner of the window to move Felix Jr. and tap the hammer button to fix broken glasses.

Hero’s Duty

Play as the hero and take down the waves of Cy-Bugs that would appear on the various levels of the game. When you start, you will be using a weapon that only hits in one direction. But as you progress in the game, you will get more powerful weapons that shoot in different directions, making it easier to kill the enemies. Collect power-ups and level up your character. Avoid being hit by the opponents as this will decrease your health meter. The game ends when your health meter becomes empty.

Sweet Climber

The cute background of this game is quite a sight. This is an endless jumping game similar to Doodle Jump. Your goal is to go as far as you can to get the highest possible score. Your character will jump automatically so your job is to tilt left and right to make it jump through branches while collecting candies. Your total score depends on the distance you traveled and the candies collected. There are power-ups within the game that will help you go further. This includes marshmallows that will make Ralph float and jelly dots to make him soar higher. The game ends when Ralph falls on the ground.

Turbo Time

Play the role of Turbo in this mini game. Unleash the racer in you and drive in turbo speed to win the most coveted title as the best one in racing. Collect coins along the way to increase you score. Beat the other competitors by driving as fast as you can. This will not be too easy as there are obstacles that will stand on your way, so watch out and be extra careful. However, there are also power-ups that you can get, which will help you win the race.

Flight Command

In this mini game, you will play the role of a pilot flying as far as you can while killing Cy-Bugs. Aside from these evil enemies, there are obstacles that will come your way, which you need to avoid or explode to survive longer. Make sure to grab the power-ups that you see as they will help you get a higher score.

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